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Touch interactive screen advertising kiosk vertical lcd display advertising machine display

Advertising Machine

Touch interactive screen advertising kiosk vertical lcd display advertising machine display

1. Support real-time management and release of mobile phone, iPad and PC.

2 Support remote upgrade advertising machine software version and OTA upgrade.

3 Support the same group of advertising machine can be synchronized consistent play, synchronization interval is less than 500ms

4.Support mobile phone remote setting advertising machine properties, control advertising machine volume, rotation angle, time zone, off boot, etc.

    Usage Scenario

    Commercial Retail Venues: Such as shopping centers, department stores, and supermarkets, the upright advertising player can be placed in prominent locations like entrances, corridors, and elevator lobbies to attract customers' attention and showcase various promotional information and brand advertisements, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting sales performance.

    Airports and Train Stations: Upright advertising players are commonly seen in busy areas of airport terminals and train station waiting rooms. They can display flight information, train schedules, travel advertisements, etc., providing convenience to travelers while also providing efficient advertising channels for businesses and brands.

    Hotels and Restaurants: The upright advertising player can be placed in hotel lobbies, restaurant entrances, or internal spaces to showcase hotel services, restaurant menus, signature dishes, and other information, enhancing customers' awareness and favorability towards the hotel or restaurant.

    Public Spaces and Facilities: Places like parks, plazas, hospitals, and libraries often utilize upright advertising players to display public information, service guides, promotional videos, and the like. This conveniently informs citizens while providing a promotional platform for governments and businesses.

    Exhibitions and Conference Venues: Upright advertising players can showcase exhibitor information, product introductions, conference agendas, and other content, providing convenient information services for visitors and participants while also serving as an effective promotional tool for exhibitors and conference organizers.

    Office Buildings: In areas such as elevator lobbies and atriums of office buildings, upright advertising players can display corporate promotions, product information, and other content, providing employees and visitors with a window to understand the corporate culture while also serving as a platform for businesses to showcase their strengths.






    Android 9.0

    Panel Size

    43/49/55/65 inches

    Screen Display Ratio


    Maximum resolution



    Build-in 2.4G WiFi






    Support Multi Languages

    Mounting mode

    Toughened glass panel + hardware back panel