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35.7''Square Dual Screens Tempered Glass Advertising Machine

Advertising Machine

35.7''Square Dual Screens Tempered Glass Advertising Machine

1. Support real-time management and release of mobile phone, iPad and PC.

2 Support remote upgrade advertising machine software version and OTA upgrade.

3 Support the same group of advertising machine can be synchronized consistent play, synchronization interval is less than 500ms

4.Support mobile phone remote setting advertising machine properties, control advertising machine volume, rotation angle, time zone, off boot, etc.

    Usage Scenario

    1. Commercial Retail Spaces

    In shopping malls, supermarkets, and specialty stores, the dual-screen advertising display can play a significant role. It can be used to showcase product information, promotional activities, and more, attracting customers' attention and boosting sales. Additionally, with dual-screen display, customers can compare different products or view various angles and details of a product, gaining a more comprehensive understanding.

    2. Public Transportation Hubs

    In transportation hubs such as train stations, airports, and subway stations, with high pedestrian traffic, advertising effects are remarkable. The dual-screen advertising display can be used to broadcast transportation information, tourism advertisements, brand promotions, and other content, providing practical information to passengers while enhancing brand awareness and influence.

    3. Exhibition Centers and Conference Halls

    In exhibition centers and conference halls, the dual-screen advertising display can be utilized to showcase meeting agendas, product introductions, corporate promotions, and more. With synchronized dual-screen display, participants can gain a more intuitive understanding of the meeting content and product information, enhancing communication effectiveness.

    4. Hotels and Restaurants

    In hotel lobbies and restaurants, the dual-screen advertising display can be used to present hotel services, menus, signature dishes, and other information. With dual-screen display, it can attract customers' attention, enhance their dining experience, and increase the hotel's revenue.

    5. Educational and Training Institutions

    In schools and training institutions, the dual-screen advertising display can be employed to broadcast course introductions, event notifications, educational news, and other content. The dual-screen display facilitates access to relevant information for students and teachers, improving teaching and learning outcomes.






    Android 9.0

    Panel Size

    35.7/43/50/55/65 inches(Customizable)

    Screen Display Ratio





    550cd/m2 (Customizable)


    USB x 1 / Type-C x1

    Maximum resolution

    1866 x 1866/217 x1866


    Built-in 2.4G WiFi(2.4GHz/5GHz Optional)


    Support Multi Languages

    Mounting mode