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LED Sign Outdoor Full Color Double Sided LED Programmable Message Digital Wall-Mounted Advertising Machine

Advertising Machine

LED Sign Outdoor Full Color Double Sided LED Programmable Message Digital Wall-Mounted Advertising Machine

Support play video pictures and setting scrolling subtitles, time and weather, support picture rotation, interval and automatic cycle playback, making advertising more simple and convenient

Built-in android operating system that’s stable performance, strong compatibility, to meet the application requirements of multiple scenarios

HD large screen, horizontal and vertical switching, high-end fashion designdrawing board with high light transmission tempered glass design

    Products Description

    The wall-mounted advertising display is a multimedia audiovisual device specifically designed for public spaces, featuring a sleek appearance and easy installation. It supports high-definition displays, attracting attention and allowing for remote control and content updates through cloud management. Whether it's commercial information, financial news, or entertainment content, the wall-mounted advertising display can present it to the audience in the best format. At the same time, its energy-saving and environmentally friendly features align with the sustainable development ideals of modern society. The wall-mounted advertising display not only enhances the efficiency of information dissemination in commercial spaces but also enhances the interactive experience between users and brands, making it a valuable assistant for commercial marketing and brand image building.

    Usage Scenario

    • 1. Wall advertising machines are an innovative digital marketing tool that can be used in various scenarios such as commercial venues, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and medical institutions. This product features a wall-mounted design that can be easily installed on the wall, bringing unlimited marketing potential to your business.
    • 2. Key features of wall advertising machines include high-definition displays, remote content management, multimedia playback capabilities and smart interactive experiences. High-definition displays capture customers’ attention and showcase product promotions, special offers and branding. Remote content management systems allow you to update ad content anytime, anywhere without the need to physically visit the site. The multimedia playback function supports the playback of pictures, videos and audios, providing you with diversified marketing methods. Intelligent interactive experience can enhance customer participation and enhance brand interactive experience.
    • 3. Wall advertising machines have a wide range of potential uses and can be used to display product information, promote promotional activities, play brand promotion videos, provide real-time information updates, etc. In retail stores, it can attract customers’ attention and increase sales; in restaurants and hotels, it can display menus, special dishes and event information to enhance customer experience; in medical institutions, it can play health knowledge and medical service introductions, Improve patients’ trust in medical institutions.
    • 4. Whether you want to enhance your brand image, increase sales, or enhance customer experience, wall advertising machines are a powerful digital marketing tool that can bring more opportunities and success to your business.

    Detailed diagram

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      Color   Black/Customizable
      Configuration   2+16G/4+32G/4+64(Optional)
      System   Android 9.0
      Panel Size   32/43/50/55/65 inches(Customizable
      Screen Display Ratic   16:9
      Maximum resolution   1920x1080
      WiF   Build-in 2.4G WiFi
      Language   Support Multi Languages
      Mounting mode   Wall-mounted