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Wall- mounted digital photo frame display screen

Advertising Machine

Wall- mounted digital photo frame display screen

The picture frame advertising display is an integrated device that combines intelligence with diverse display capabilities. It supports intelligent split-screen playback with multiple splitting options to meet personalized display needs. At the same time, its diverse advertising display function allows for continuous playback, enhancing the effectiveness of the advertisements. The intelligent advertising playback feature is compatible with various file formats, ensuring the richness of playback content. Cloud-based intelligent publishing makes content updates effortless, allowing for real-time adjustments to advertising content. With its built-in Android operating system, the advertising display offers stable performance and strong compatibility, meeting the needs of various scenarios, whether it's in commercial spaces or home decorations. With its intelligent, diverse, and stable features, the picture frame advertising display provides a brand-new solution for advertising displays.

    Products Description

    The picture frame screen, a novel display device that integrates traditional aesthetics with modern technology, has received enthusiastic market welcome due to its unique functions and extensive application fields.

    The picture frame screen boasts a sleek and elegant appearance, resembling a traditional picture frame, but with powerful technological capabilities underneath. Its high-definition screen boasts excellent display effects, capable of presenting vivid and realistic images, while supporting a variety of file formats, including pictures, videos, and audio, to meet different display needs in various occasions.

    In terms of functionality, the picture frame screen features intelligent display capabilities, allowing users to replace displayed content at any time through their phones, realizing personalized customization. Additionally, it supports remote control, enabling effortless manipulation even when users are located in different places, providing great convenience for both commercial displays and home decorations.

    With its unique functions and extensive application fields, the picture frame screen has become an indispensable part of modern life. Whether it's for commercial displays or home decorations, the picture frame screen can bring users a brand-new visual experience and convenient operation.

    Usage Scenario

    • Commercial Spaces: The picture frame screen plays a significant role in commercial spaces such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and specialty stores. It can be used to showcase product information, promotional activities, brand images, and more, attracting customers' attention and enhancing their shopping experience. With its intelligent split-screen playback and diversified advertising display functions, businesses can flexibly adjust the content displayed to meet various marketing needs.
    • Hotels and Restaurants: In hotel lobbies, restaurants, and other venues, the picture frame screen can be used to display hotel services, signature dishes, event information, and more, enhancing customers' awareness and favorability towards the hotel. Additionally, by cycling through beautiful images or videos, it can create a cozy and pleasant dining environment.
    • Public Spaces: In public transportation hubs like airports, railway stations, and subway stations, the picture frame screen can be utilized to disseminate real-time information, provide navigation guidance, safety reminders, and more, facilitating passengers' access to necessary information and improving their travel efficiency. Its sleek appearance and diverse display methods also add a touch of fashion and vitality to public spaces.
    • Homes and Offices: In home or office environments, the picture frame screen can double as a decorative painting, displaying personal favorite images, artworks, family photos, and the like. Simultaneously, it can serve as an information display screen, showing schedule arrangements, work reminders, and more, thereby enhancing work efficiency and the quality of life.
    • Museums and Exhibition Halls: In cultural venues like museums and exhibition halls, the picture frame screen can be employed to showcase artifact introductions, historical stories, artworks, and more, providing visitors with a richer and more vivid exhibition experience. Through intelligent split-screen and diversified display functions, it can also effectively integrate different exhibits or storylines, enhancing the narrative and attractive

    Detailed diagram

    Wall- mounted digital photo frame display screen (1)fm8Wall- mounted digital photo frame display screen (2)hmh
    Color Black/Customizable
    Configuration 2+16G/4+32G/4+64G(Optional)
    System Android 9.0
    Panel Size 35.7/43/50/55/65 inches(Customizable)
    Screen Display Ratio >3:1
    Maximum resolution 1866×1866/217x1866
    WiFI Built-in 2.4G WiFi(2.4GHz/5GHz Optional)
    Bluetooth 4.2
    Brightness 550cd/m2(Customizable)
    Port USB x1/Type-Cx1
    Language Support Multi Languages
    Mounting mode Wall-mounted